Partners: Global Collaborations, Localised Solutions

Bridging the digital and mechanical divide in South Punjab’s rural landscape necessitates a symphony of collaboration, where diverse voices and expertise harmonize to create a network of climate-resilient smart villages. This symphony requires multistakeholder partnerships, where government agencies, private sector players, NGOs, and local communities come together to co-create solutions. Governments can provide crucial infrastructure like internet access and solar power grids, while private companies can develop and offer affordable climate-smart technologies like precision agriculture tools and resource-efficient machinery. NGOs can play a vital role in building digital literacy programs and fostering community ownership, while local farmers, youth, and women bring invaluable knowledge of the land and their specific needs. The Digital Dera Climate Resilient Smart Villages Network has been successful with the following global and national partnerships:

  1. Agriculture Republic – Pakistan’s first Food Security and Climate Change Multistakeholder Public Policy Innovation Community
  2. Hayat Farms – Pakistan’s first climate resilient smart and progressive farm in South Punjab
  3. Internet Society (global) – The world’s premier Internet Community
  4. Accountability Lab Islamabad Pakistan.
  5. Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited.

Through this collaborative network, smallholding farmers can access the tools and training to shift from backbreaking labor to data-driven farming, youth can find exciting opportunities in the tech-infused agricultural landscape, and women can leverage technology to overcome traditional barriers and participate actively in decision-making processes. This collective effort, where technology meets tradition and innovation empowers communities, holds the key to unlocking a future of abundance and resilience for South Punjab’s rural villages.

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