Digital Dera is a hybrid startup with the vision to revolutionize Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change in Pakistan and the world with responsible investments in vulnerable communities that impact agriculture food systems. Digital Dera was established by the Agriculture Republic community. Digital Dera is Pakistan’s fastest growing multistakeholder driven rural digital infrastructure development organization in the agriculture and technology sectors in Pakistan. Digital Dera is innovating the the Agriculture sector in Pakistan and abroad with a combination of climate resilient smart technological mechanization solutions and services for the smallholding farming communities. Digital Dera brings together partners and their innovations from across the world and sensitize these technologies to local need. This has enabled Digital Dera to revolutionize the food system ecosystem that is directly positively impacting agriculture supply chains and the production efficiency in the farming sector while focusing on smallholding farmer and vulnerable rural communities. Digital Dera works with and empowers those communities that have been left out from the opportunities that technological advancements have to offer or urban communities are enjoying.

Digital Dera has been working across Pakistan with rural communities especially smallholding farmers by establishing Digital Dera Climate Resilient Smart Village Centres in collaboration with its amazing partners and supporters. Our groundbreaking inclusive innovative model empowers smallholding farmer communities especially youth and women to gain access to free-of-cost Internet and Digital Agriculture while ensuring that they are equipped with the necessary solutions and tools to combat the brunt of climate change while improving their wellbeing and livelihoods. Our innovative sustainability model works in the favor of rural communities providing them Digital infrastructure while improving their livelihoods through regenerative and environment friendly farming systems. Originated by the Agriculture Republic and Internet Society community, Digital Dera was founded in 2021 by Fouad and Aamer to revolutionize and transform how we address the issues of food insecurity and climate change with the power of Digital and Mechanical innovations.

Digital Dera’s impact has been recognized across Pakistan and the world over. In 2022, the Asian Development Bank recommended the Digital Dera model for adoption to promote agricultural innovation across the member nations of the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation CAREC. Link to ADB here. You can read more about the Digital Dera success story on the Internet Society (global) website here.

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